Baby Beaver Nursery - Project Began 2003.10.25

Combo unit (dresser/changer).

Full room facing glider.

Armoire, front view.

Armoire & crib (crib had to be assembled twice because it wouldn't fit through the door!).

Our friend Stacey helps Michelle with paint.

Michelle & Stacey pull a 'While You Were Out' on Guy while he is in Prescott helping family move.

Stacey wields a mean roller brush.  She did a great job.

Added the wallpaper border and moved furniture back in place.

Nearly finished here.  Furniture still has coasters for moving around.

This should be a cozy, but efficient setup.

Closeup of the wallpaper pattern -- 'In Flight'.

Note 'Cat in the Hat' in the armoire.  Michelle found a great sale, so we bought several Dr. Seuss books.

Diaper caddy hanging from armoire.


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