Thanksgiving Reunion

The Beaver Family (et. al.)

Sunday, November 18th, 2001

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Here is photo number one. Not a bad shot, but a couple people are hiding behind other people's heads (hint: if you can't see the camera, it might not be able to see you).

Here is photo number two. A little bit brighter than photo one, but we still have some bashful people. Of course, "brighter" also means washed-out for some people.

I'm throwing this one in just for fun. This is the photo I accidentally took while trying to get the camera set up. We'll call this the "blooper" shot.

The photos above are no longer available. Some idiot (that would be me) lost the negatives. However, anyone with a decent color printer should be able to print them out and get pictures that are just about good enough to hang on the wall. The photos below are available if anyone wants copies.

Here is a really nice photo of the nine Beaver siblings. No one is goofing off, passing gas, or getting goosed.

But then the horseplay begins as someone gooses Uncle Dean.

Then Uncle Dean admires Uncle Doug's beer belly as the "sludge" sisters cackle.

Dad says, "I'm with stupid," as Uncle Tom and Uncle Dean seem to agree.

Here the Beaver siblings try to answer that age-old question, "who farted?" Notice how Tom thinks it's Nettie, Doug and Nettie both think it's Therese, Dad thinks it's Doug, Dean thinks it's Gary, Lawrie thinks it's Dad, Therese thinks it's me, Bonnie blames one of the kids, and Gary just looks guilty.

Nettie puts on a show for us. But as you can see, she has forgotten some of the words.

Matt remembers the words, now if only he could remember the chords.

Tessa doesn't know the words or the chords, but she thinks she's ready to take on Star Search anyway.

Even if we don't make great performers, the Beavers always make a great audience.

Becca-Boo tries to start a mosh pit by attacking dad (a.k.a. Uncle Bill).

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